Being young and working with different nationalities, cultures & personalities is pretty challenging. If you’re a millennial like me, you’ll most likely agree when I say real life is so different from theory’s taught in school back then. In college, you are taught to expect success whereas in real life you learn how to cope with rejection and disappointment. Cool!

My inspiration for making Life-Career Harmony blog is to bring value to your life. Here we will tackle some topics in career development and tips in managing stress at work.

We may have a different job, maybe you are into business, but we have something in common – any career demands time and effort. Sometimes it’s overwhelming and we forget to live life. But we can not just stop work right away and enjoy life, right? In reality work is part of our lives. It is a fact we have to accept and with a proper approach we can be more effective and manage stress at work.

Career development is crucial. It is the lifelong process of managing learning, work, leisure, and transitions in order to move toward a personally determined and evolving preferred future. There is nothing worse than investing years of your life in an unsatisfying career – it shouldn’t be the story of your life and you can take proactive steps being in-charge for your own career development.

Work Stress can impact professionals of all ages, in all business sectors, and, due to the additional pressures and workload. It is hard for you to find a place to work that does not have some stress. This explains why you have to come up with a plan to manage your stress. It needs to be easily remembered and one that is able to be started with minimal supplies. The results of stress can cause you to feel emotionally drained, physically tired, not able to think and concentrate correctly and kill your budget. It seems only necessary that you should start to take your life back from the stress.

If you’re a millennial, rookie boss, or aspiring leader – taking steps to bring your career to the next level, Welcome! If you use the principles and practical tips based on real-world experience outlined in this blog, you will be a more effective person.

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