We have a different career. We all can’t be pilots, engineers, astronauts, professional athletes, or dolphin trainer — some of us have to work for a living. Everyone has a role. Some are lucky of having a great career and at the same time enjoying each moment. For the majority of us, work is a process of repeating the identical repetitive challenge day after day, month after month, year after year at the same time as spending eight or more hours a day with boastful bosses and surly co-workers.

There is, however, hope. A change is coming. It may not be today, tomorrow or this year, but your present situation will not last forever. It has to change, it’s a law. It’s known as ‘The Universal Law of Impermanence’, which states that everything changes. Some change comes unexpectedly and some change takes eons, however, in the end, everything changes. You should discover some other process, get promotion or transfer, or maybe your unfair boss or troublesome colleague will leave. Eventually, the situation will change — it has to, it’s a law.

Did you take some steps to enhance your situation? Sure, complaining is easy however it accomplishes a little. Have you tried to improve your abilities through training, books or correspondence courses? If none of these options are available to you, have you tried creating a better relationship with your boss and co-workers?  Even the smallest step within the proper course is progress.

There isn’t any one solution that is best for everyone — all of us have a unique scenario, but if we’re persistent and creative enough there are many options to begin the process of change. Some people believe that finding happiness at work is as elusive as finding the Holy Grail, but how will you know until you’ve really tried?

You can help speed up the process of change, go do something men! Or you can wait for it to occur naturally. Either way, a change is coming — it’s a law.

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