For you to attain career success, you need to always be delivering high-quality work and be knowledgeable in your field. As career development is a continuous process, we need to ensure that the three career success predictors, professional and personal development, performance discipline are aligned with our desires at all times. Career development is an all-inclusive word that integrates every single choice you make. It embraces all factors from our choice to study or seek work immediately after school to landing a job and our professional advancement. This is why it’s linked to professional growth.

Achieving career goals and advancing yourself professionally does not just happen, it’s, however, a conscious choice that each professional needs to make on their own. Because each one of us aspires to get salary raises now and again, it can be argued that every professional is interested in growing their careers. However, in growing my career I have learnt to be concerned about accomplishing more than simply a going for a larger paycheque. Professional development involves setting higher career goals and working on enhancing your knowledge to help you get better in your industry.

Is There Room For Growth

To grow professionally we need dedication since it’s a process that needs to be continued all through our career. Regardless of what your career goals are, you have to continuously improve your qualifications and skills. This shouldn’t frighten you since the process of gaining new skills is interesting and you could find learning new skills can lead to more passion for your work. Even then I don’t have to walk the journey alone. If the career development process gets overwhelming for me, I often seek professional help and also in touch with other professionals I know in my industry.

Talking to a career counsellor will help you create a personalized plan. But for those who are independent, here is a solution we have created for you too. Below is everything you should know about making your personal career growth plan.

How Career Development Will Benefit Me

Besides the clear benefit of growing professionally which includes promotions and bigger paycheques, career growth will benefit you in many other ways as well. Based on research done, work is important for our welfare since it helps increase the levels of our self-worth. Thus not only will it assist us to attain greatness in our workplace, but it will help you enhance the quality of life as well.

It is worth noting that career fulfilment doesn’t only influence us on an individual level, but it is also crucial for our job. Based on a report by a non-profit HR organization, it found out that motivated people are more productive as well. To grow your career you have to be happy, yet we will only be happy when we are growing ourselves, thus these two theories are co-dependent. As I seek to grow to be my best version, I have come to focus on professional growth. 

Why Some People Fail To Grow

As young children, we all have aspirations, sadly, as we continue to grow our goals get less clearly defined and eventually we let go of these aspirations altogether. This way we can work towards realizing our career goals.

There are many things that contribute to our botched career plans. These can be the fierce competition and the economy across all industries, but by removing my individual responsibility from this equation would be erroneous. As experts, I am at fault too, and it’s essential that we also learn to be accountable for our career goals.

The Biggest Slip-ups People Make Plus How I Can Avoid Them

Displaying devotion to our career goals can be hard, which is why not many people attain their professional aspirations. Most of us focus on hard work thinking that it’s what will help us succeed, but there are many things to factor in to attain success. In fact, networking, updating and formulating your career growth plan is equally important as making a good name in your place of work.

Another big mistake numerous professional make is in staying in careers that they are not happy in as they are scared to change. Certainly, I understand the fear, the economy is awful, the competition is severe, and having to start afresh elsewhere is tricky. It’s essential you always endeavour for happiness at work. And it isn’t about being happy; it is also about growing professionally because the passion for our work is necessary for developing our career.

I have come to recognize that career development is doable. And provided we are in control of our career path, we won’t have to repeat the mistakes made by countless professionals who came ahead of us.

Planning Your Career

Even though this requires time, it’s really a very easy process that entails identifying your career goals and trying them in alignment with your present skill set and your future possibilities. Having an action plan has helped me get more passionate about the prospects. It also has helped propel me on the right path.

It is also very important that you keep updating your career plans as regularly as possible because things change as we continue to grow and advance in our professional world.

Career Goal Examples

Everyone’s experience with their careers is different owing to the fact we all have different priorities and expectations in life. However, most professionals share similar or the same career goals; from getting an additional degree to opening their own company.

Risks of Pre-Planning

It’s key to note that making career plans comes with its challenges as we sometimes become too fixated on such plans and miss out on opportunities that might have made us happy. Yet others get abstracted and fail to see their end-goal.


In ensuring I have an effective career planning I have had to evaluate my plans regularly. By having them on a set timeline and I ensure to check in frequently to see whether am making progress as I ought to.

When I notice that am getting stuck, I usually with help of my career counselor look at things that have been holding me back and steps I could take to fix them. It is always good to have a mentor to be your career sounding board.


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