By balancing your life you are fragmenting your life into equal parts. When one divides their life they are not being holistic about how they are approaching their day to day activities. Instead, they are compartmentalizing their needs and wants and trying to figure out how these needs and wants play equal parts in one’s life. Thus, we need to let go of the concept of balance and begin a life of harmony.

Having been employed for years I learned that in order to do this, it is important to know the distinct difference between balance and harmony;


Allowing everything to dominate vs Allowing what we need to have prominence:

When we try to balance our life we place importance on every aspect of our life. We divide our day into fragments in order to put friends, family, health, work, and spirituality into balance. This is unrealistic. To have a fulfilling life one has to prioritize their time to what the need to do and what they value. If a person is sick they need to put their time in getting better. If one has a friend in town from out of state they might have to put all their energy in visiting with that friend. Life is not a balancing act but rather it’s a prioritizing act and realizing this will lead to harmony.


Focusing on all vs. Focusing on the now and being present:

When one tries to balance their life they are focusing on what they need to do and when they need to do it. Doing this one is not living in the present but rather engaging on what has to be done. In order to live a fulfilled life, it is necessary to live in the now and in order to do this one cannot spend their energy in figuring out when to allot their time but rather focus on what they want and need to do without time constraints.


Feeling pressure to do it all vs. Understanding what needs to get done:

As one tries to create symmetry in their life one will start to feel pressure in doing it all. But instead one should place their energy on what they emotionally and/or physically can handle at the time.


Commitment to task vs. Commitment to yourself:

When trying to align yourself to have a balanced life you are focusing on all the tasks at hand rather than yourself as a whole. By seeing yourself as a complete entity you will understand that life is integrated rather than splintered. Work can be just as much of a social outlet than going out with friends. Through acknowledging yourself as a whole you will be better able to create harmony in your life.


Work/Life vs. Your Life:

Too often with a balanced life approach work and life are completely segregated from one another. In reality, work is part of our lives. And in order to find harmony in our work, we need to view it as a positive aspect of our life rather than being autonomous.


It takes “you” to make the necessary changes that lead you to improving your personal life. Take steps to find fulfillment.


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