What helps in growth of our career?

A good plan, ability to perform the job efficiently and effectively, improving the existing process, improved communication skills, a revenue-wise mindset for the company. What else? The heading of this article talks of optimism. What about that?


What is optimism?

Optimism signifies to feel that things will soon be “Okay”. Not to look at every circumstance negatively, but hope for the brighter side. Keep hope and feel good that in some way everything will be all right.

When you need to grow in your career, this optimism helps quite a lot. Throughout our career, we come to many stops where circumstance looks bleak. Everything seems gloomy. Sometimes you feel like giving up. All of us embark with marvelous energy and hope when we started our job. As we encounter impediments, our energy gets depleted and our hopes turn sour. We slowly kick off going downhill and a time comes when we are left with nothing but hopelessness.


Optimistic outlook helps at times your feeling down. In every circumstance, we have two choices- be hopeful things will turn out right or keep worrying about the worst. Can worrying help? Thinking of what can go wrong will only furthermore deplete our strength and outlook. Positive thoughts will at least give us hope to combat loneliness. Optimism is an excellent asset. Those who feel optimistic at worst of the times will eventually succeed.

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