When most people think of harmony they think of music. To take this a step further they think of chords playing together simultaneously to make a beautiful sound. And this is a perfect metaphor for how we should live our life. We can create harmony in our lives by integrating all of our needs and wants into one entity.

This in return will cause us to feel more whole than ever before rather than being torn into a hundred different directions.

Let me Offer you Five Quick Tips How to Embrace Harmony in Your Everyday Life;


Be Elastic Not Plastic:

Strength is in being flexible. Be elastic which can bend, where plastic will break under pressure. Allow for plans to change and take it in grace when things end up differently than how you mapped it out. In order to practice flexibility, you will have to give up the need to control everything in your life. To change the need to control everything is a huge undertaking that requires constant patience and self-reflection.

Focus On Yourself:

Mark Twain once said, “comparison is the death of joy.” And to live a harmonious life we need to take this quote to heart. But to live a life without comparing ourselves to others is easier said than done. This is because we are driven by competition. We have the need to be the best. And to get to our best we look at other people best and lose sight of our own growth. This allows other people to dictate what our best is through their actions rather than our own.


Have a Purpose:

Purpose creates meaning in your life. But how do you find your purpose? First, you have to prioritize what means the most to you. Second, you have to set goals to make your priorities a constant part of your life. For example, if a mother’s priority is her children her goals should always reflect or intertwine with her children. As a mother coming up with goals that focus on her priorities, she might choose to take a part-time job in order to be around her children more or take a much-needed vacation with her whole family.


Be Positive:

Having a positive outlook in life gives you momentum. It allows you to push forward with courage and confidence. On the other hand, negativity weighs you down. It is one of the main causes of depression. And to be positive you must engage with people that are positive. Negativity should be seen as a virus. If you are around people who are negative you will start to become negative yourself.


Stop Pleasing Everyone:

The only thing you owe anyone is kindness. Trying to please everyone all the time will cause you to neglect your own needs and wants. Simply put, don’t say yes to anyone else if that means saying no to yourself.

Actively working on these five points will give you a clear and more fulfilled direction into finding what harmony means to you. It will engage you to seek out the best life possible and give you the ability to define what happiness means to you.



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