Conflict in the workplace is not uncommon, and in fact, case studies shows in some instances “conflict” is even worthwhile. That’s right. It can be worthwhile particularly if you can shift the conflict to make it work to your advantage.

Why does conflict occur? Typically, conflicts happened when expectations aren’t met in a some form, when one party perceives a threat to themselves in some way, or even through a simple miscommunication.

So, what can you do to manage conflict? Follow these easy steps.


1. Determine the cause.

Dont complicate simple things. You can not resolve the issue until you define the problem and that every person involved speaks about the same problem. Gather as much information as you can. Ask and involve the impacted persons in discussions. Ask “what else” questions to elevate all of the issues and show a willingness to listen. Don’t be defensive or personalize problems.


2. Collaborate on solutions.

Use a “yes… and” reply to focus and build on possible solutions. Avoid the usage of a “yes… but” response, which tends to bring back onto the hassle and away from solutions. If possible, continually engage key stakeholders in developing solutions. This will help facilitate buy-in when final decisions are made.


3. Provide opportunity alternatives.

Whenever viable, provide choices. People tend to sense empowered when they’re part of decision making. This may even help you in soliciting ongoing help once the very last decisions are in place.


4. Communicate key decisions.

Develop a communique plan that communicates the choice as many times and as many options that you feeling are appropriate. You might want to hold one-on-one meeting with those concerned, announcement, and an email or written memo to compliance. It is appropriate to involve your boss to enhance and help the final choice.


5. Implement solutions.

Once a decision has been made, you must be assertive in the implementation of that decision. It is more likely that you’ll be challenge –
but be calm, stay focus on the process used to perceive crisis and develop solutions, and be confident you have done the right thing to remedy the situation. Stand your ground. Don’t get angry or over-make an apology, as this will only serve to weaken your position.


Handling conflict in workplace is not easy but it is necessary if you want to be perceived as a strong leader capable of getting things done. When you avoid conflict you put yourself on a path of distrust. Handle conflict straight on and you will earn the respect of your peers, your staff, and your boss. Even more importantly, you will feel more confident and capable, regardless of what situation you find yourself in.

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