Every job has stress, however, the workplace can appear nearly insufferable when you have an over-demanding or unfair boss. Sounds uncomfortable, but on the process you do need to cooperate him for you to be productive and successful at your job.

Other than a change taking place, as I mentioned in the article ‘Are You Unhappy at Work? Change is Coming,’ there may be no best solution for handling a difficult boss, but here are five pointers that would make your scenario a bit less painful.

Think of your boss as a parent

This sounds silly at the start, but the relationship between you and your boss could be very much like that between a parent and child. Teenagers frequently have troubles with authority and experience disagreements with their dad and mom. Meanwhile, parents frequently create policies the kid believes to be unfair. If the situation gets bad enough, as soon as the child is old enough he finds a way to move out and make it on his own. Parents aren’t best and neither are bosses – both will make mistakes.


Just do the best job you can.

Paul Getty once said, “The employer generally gets the employees he deserves.”

Be the type of employee you would want working for you if you we’re the boss. I understand this is going in opposition to the notion of revenge and tucking it to an unfair boss whenever possible, but when you’re doing a good job you supply the unfair boss less ammunition he can use to make your life miserable – as the saying goes “Don’t use gasoline to put out a fire”.


Learn all that you could from an unfair boss.

We can learn something from anybody we come into contact with. Take advantage of some thing from the situation with a view of opportunity to grow and you’ll benefit in the future. Observe how your boss handles extraordinary conditions and take note that’s working and which not.


Forget about yesterday.

Yesterday is history, it’s gone, cannot be undone. Try not to let your issues from the previous day spoil your day.  Instead, begin every day with a new, high-quality outlook, telling your self that today is under day and it’s going to be better.


Take responsibility.

Don’t expect other people to end your suffering. Complaining is easy, but it accomplishes very little. Worrying about a problem won’t make it go away while losing sleep and dwelling on an issue only makes it seem worse. If you are truly in a situation that is causing you pain, you need to begin taking steps to improve the situation.


Try to improve your skills through in-house training, learning centers, technical school, books or online courses.  Even the smallest step in the right direction is progress. An obstinate boss won’t change his ways, but you can improve your own skills. Be flexible with your approach. Why not let your difficult boss be the motivation you use to better yourself?



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