Being relaxed is all about having your mind off of life stresses. Anything that can help me in accomplishing this is very useful in making my experience calm as well as be at peace. At work, a woman can battle an army of clients, challenge the norms and lead a huge team to success but it comes to an end of the work, hang up your heels and your briefcase and listen to the number of simple ways to help you feel more relaxed in your everyday life.


When am under a lot of stress, I normally use meditation as a great way for me to relax. It has proven that meditation is very helpful in lowering blood pressure and heart rate. And that it even improves a person’s cognitive performance.

Meditation is quite easy to do: just put yourself in a comfortable area, shut your eyes, relaxing your muscles, and only focus on a single thing, it could be your breathing, or any object (a painting, or a flower)—I usually use an image in my mind—it could be maybe you are seated on the beach somewhere in the Caribbean. I often take about 10 minutes for me to experiencing its benefits.

The important things are remaining focused and not allowing any interruptions and thoughts to enter or stay in my mind—it’s important to be mindful. When you have some extra time, you may consider taking a Tai Chi or Yoga class—both of these incorporate meditation, together with bodily movements.

Consume Mood-Boosting Foods

Most of us long for indulgent carbohydrates such as cookies, ice creams, candy, pretzels, and other starchy and sweet foods. This is especially when we are tense, stressed, or anxious. These foods may have a calming effect on a few women, and it can also be connected to the low serotonin levels throughout these mood states. Serotonin is a chemical of the brain which is responsible for the feelings of relaxation and calmness. It’s believed that eating these carbohydrates assists in boosting serotonin levels, which then results in your feelings of relaxations and contentedness.

I do take pleasure in these treats when they give me some immediate satisfaction; however, I have t mind the portion sizes! I would suggest 100 calorie portions at a time—4 Hershey Kisses, or even a small handful of tasty pretzels. I often pre-portioning out pretzels, for instance, and carry them with me when am leaving home. You could use the 100-calorie bunches which work well too.

Drink Green Tea

Taking green tea can be very soothing—it has theanine, a type of an amino acid which gives flavour to the green tea and also encourages relaxation. It’s also believed that theanine is an antagonist of caffeine. Which means it counteracts the stimulating effects of caffeine. Therefore, drink green tea, and stay away from caffeinated beverages, because caffeine can aggravate our stress response.

Create A Relaxation Area

A lot of spas have relaxation rooms for you to sit in ahead of and after treatments. It is a wonderful thing for you to create one too at home. A relaxation space shouldn’t be a “room” as such—it could be a spot in your bedroom, for instance.

Of importance is having a room or an area at home, only intended for relaxing. I use a truly comfortable chair with candles and at times dim lights nearby— you can use anything that you enjoy and is relaxing. This will offer you a chance to relax, with the least stimulus—this is important. This is an ideal time for you to kick back and unwind, thus forget the cell phones and laptop. At times when I simply want to unwind, I read a book or a magazine, but the concept is clearing the mind of any distractions and stressors.

Listen To Music

Some soothing music is very relaxing—and it slows tempos thus inducing a calm mental state. (It may also slow your breathing and heart rates, lower blood pressure, as well as relax tense muscles). Before leaving for a busy day at work, I often take the time to listen to some soothing music to get my mind in a calm state. It could be you are in the car caught in traffic, or when you’re resting in bed trying to let go of stressful thoughts.

Fascinatingly, music therapy has shown to help in decreasing nervousness linked to medical procedures: There are moments when I get overwhelmed at work I take a short break to do a short breathing exercise, then for a few minutes listening to some calming music. In less than 20 minutes I feel invigorated and ready bring the workday to an end.

Prep In Advance

To have a good start to my day at work, I ensure that I am prepared for the following day, taking some minutes to write a to-do list and clear out before I leave. Knowing everything is covered means that I’m less likely to worry about work in the evening. In the following morning, I always get the feeling that I am in charge of the situation. This puts a positive attitude for the day and it assists me to get more done.

Get a Massage

Having a massage is a good way to let go of tension and also relax. And in adding aromatherapy oils like lavender or chamomile can be most beneficial. A recent study found out that emergency room nurses had reduced stress levels through having aromatherapy massages. High levels of work pressure can sometimes get us feeling rather uneasy. However, by taking time for a massage and aromatherapy massages we do get to relax. I would suggest listening to music during your session and feel the effects. When you don’t have much spare time, you could get massage tools and aromatherapy oils for use at home.

Exercise Daily

Exercising help me feel more relaxed and clear-headed hence reducing stress. Taking 20 minutes every day for a work out is all you need to get the benefits. Regular exercise besides combating stress, it benefits your overall health and gives you a firmer figure to boot.

Take Hot Baths

Heat relaxes the muscles—hence taking long baths can be calming for your mind as well. Accumulate your favourite soaps and bath salts, acquire a bath pillow, and adorn your room with scented candles. I believe make an in-home spa, through incorporating spa treatments such as facials will all feeling relaxed and invigorated.

No matter how busy you are, a woman needs to take care of herself in order to find her battles another day.


About the author:

MiddleMeKally is the owner & founder of MiddleMe blog. She worked in various industries such as education, healthcare, retail,  advertising, IT, telecommunications and ecommerce specializing in sales, customer service, project management and operations in both SME and MNC. Her blog is about helping people to make smart career moves and decisions. Follow her on her website,, or network with her at LinkedIn account:



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