We have all heard that to have a successful life one needs to find balance. And by having balance one will finally find happiness. To understand the meaning of balance we need to first look at the definition of balance. Balance according to the webster dictionary is “an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.” Thus, to be successful we have to distribute aspects of our life such as work, family, friends, and spirituality equally. But is this actually healthy? Let me put it bluntly, it is not!


The Myth: Work and life balance

One cannot fragment their time into work and life. By doing this we literally are dividing our daily hours into work and everything else. Kevin Harrington, an entrepreneur best known for being as Mr. Wonderful  on “Shark Tank”, best illustrates this point by saying balancing is “the idea is that you can compartmentalize everything into either ‘work’ activities (work, meetings, trips, conferences) or ‘life’ activities (spending time with family, staying fit, eating right) and by doing so ‘have it all.’” And sadly, if you are up for that promotion at work that you have been eyeing over the last couple of years you are going to put work on a higher priority than your friends. This does not mean that your friends are not important to you. But rather, it means that your work in the office, instead of hanging out on a Thursday night at a bar with your friends, will bring you the promotion.


The Myth: Balance puts you back in control

By having a balanced life you are putting an equal value to all the facets of your life. In doing this you actually lose control because you do not prioritize what is imperative and meaningful to you but rather you are making everything important to you. By creating a life in which everything is of equal or similar importance, you can actually surrender what is important. This is caused by neglecting the much needed time to do the events, appointments and the everyday chores and by renegotiating you time to less important directions in their life.


The Myth: Balance is needed because it will give attention to what has long been ignored

Acknowledging everything in your life can be a waste of time and give one more stress than is necessary. Ignoring things, such as the unmade bed and the pulling of weeds that have been taking over your yard for the past month is sometimes necessary when you have so many more important things in your life. Do not feel pressured in directing your attention and energy everywhere when you should place your focus on what you find most significant.


The Myth: Having a balanced life will increase happiness and creativity

Focusing and spending time on your passion is what creates and boost happiness and creativity. When you try to place a time frame on what you love to do it causes stress and the feeling of constraint. Doing this creates a less productive and focused you.

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