What is thought to be a weakness can, in fact, be an indication of strength. This is why by proving we are human we are in reality boosting our career. The thought of exposing their true feelings makes a lot of us uneasy because it is uncomfortable and can make us feel helpless. At times it could get messy. However, I believe it can make us better leaders as well. We aren’t talking about complaining or whining, except for, showing others your human stumbles and failings.

Even though things are changing, there are yet some leaders at present who are terrified of letting their guard down, say what they feel and even confess that they do not have all the solutions. The rate of change is increasing so fast, that it’s impossible for a single individual at the top to hold all the solutions. Leaders should rely on those people around them for information, solutions to complex problems as well as support. The one way to thrive and survive in present day’s labour force is to include everyone.

Old traditions, misunderstandings, and fears take time to move past. One such myth is that being vulnerable is an indication of weakness thus leaders who illustrate vulnerability may lose respect from their colleagues. I believe that this is removed from the reality since it has been revealed that leaders who are vulnerable build healthier, more successful workplaces.

Being open and showing ourselves to others is, in fact, a sign of self-confidence and courage in a leader. This, however, does not suggest that they simply let it all out, pouring out their feelings every time they want to. Successful leaders always know when the place and time are right to reveal their true and genuine selves. Below are reasons why vulnerability is a trait in good leaders.

Reduce Stress And Tension At Work

Evading and tiptoeing about secrets at our workplace is very stressful. Each person’s pressure rises as they try their best to think of ways to avoid the uncomfortable issues as soon as they come up.

Stress can be reduced significantly by recognizing uncomfortable topics and we talk freely about them. When each of us sees that our leaders can raise the unpopular topics for discussion, I would for certain feel less stressed and freer to have a discussion about them too.

Encourages Creativity, Flow Of Ideas, And Innovation

Through admitting that they don’t hold all the solutions, leaders create a stage for all staff to give their feedback, input and ideas considered. In accepting their mistakes, a lot of our managers provide us more room to give our ideas and feedback to the company.

Leaders who admit that they made wrong decisions and still can forgive themselves, by their actions, let us recognize that it’s okay to take a chance and attempt something new. This makes us contribute more ideas at all levels, thus creating a more competitive and dynamic organization.

Improves Communication

When in positions of leadership, we set the tone for the things that are acceptable or not acceptable for discussion. Therefore when I can openly share information authentically and honestly, as a leader I will be sending a strong message that this practice is not only okay all through the organization, but also is the custom. Member of teams will equally feel that it’s okay to openly share with one another. This maintains our channels of communication flowing a lot more smoothly.

A great plan to begin meetings is having brief “check-ins” with everyone around the table. This will clearly show you how and where each person is managing their work issues and you gain an appreciation of their perspectives. Empathy leads us to be more accepting and teaches us on healthy communication flow.

Problems Spotted Early

In most instances, people are scared of bringing problems and bad news to their managers as they are anxious that this information won’t be well received. This leads to issues escalating such that by the time the managers find out what’s really happening, a lot of damage might have been made. This makes the situation a lot difficult to remedy than if they’d known earlier. When we witness our managers being open and accepting their mistakes will make us more likely come forward. This is because we won’t be feeling retribution for sharing bad news.

Improved Cooperation And Teamwork

Workplaces that have closed and detached managers’ make people look for ways of getting ahead by finding favour with and striving to impress their managers. There are a lot of incidences of backstabbing and not giving out information among employees. This is because they have witnessed people who have got positions of authority behaving in that manner. They constantly are striving to determine and guess what their leaders want. Thus we spend our energy and time trying to find out what we have to do to gain the approval of the managers and even win a promotion. The energy I may well have been spent it more efficiently working together for the greater good of the business.

Builds Fun Workplace

Being in an organization that has lots of secrets is not fun and a healthy place to work. I believe that being watchful and always being cautious what we share as well as with whom dampen our spirit. This also creates a place of work that many people dread coming to each day. Leaders who are vulnerable, open and genuine raise the mood of a work setting. In such a healthy and energetic atmosphere everyone will want to be part of.

Emotional Connection Reduces Staff Turnover

When I am emotionally connected to my place of work it does affect my decision of whether or not I want to or move elsewhere. An authentic, honest and open leadership creates an environment that employees at all levels feel connected to the organization on an emotional level. This is because we feel linked to out leaders.

For this reason, we are less prone to jump ship, even for better benefits and more money, once we sense that our bosses care about our concerns.



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