Stress is a poor reaction that people have when under excessive pressure or other forms of demand put on them. There is an apparent difference between pressure, that may create a ‘buzz’ hence it can be a motivating thing, and stress that occurs once this pressure becomes too much.  Over a 5-year period between 2009 to2014, more female workers in the UK were always more likely to experience feelings of unease that were caused or were made worse by work. Most changes I have come through our ever-changing lives does create stressful moments for us.

A current study by the health and safety consultants has exposed that the excessive stress levels among the female workers are 1.5-times more prone than in men. Too little money, too much work, and not adequate opportunities for growth are stressing us out at work; this is based on a new survey done by the Association of American Psychological. One-third of the workforce goes through chronic stress connected to work, the survey established.

Fascinatingly, many of us have reported higher levels of work stress compared to men, as well as a troubling sense that they were underpaid and underappreciated. We will be focusing on women since they are often last in taking care of themselves.

Work Related Stress Levels Are On The Increase

Even with a decrease in the number of bodily injuries as well as fatalities in most workers over the last 5 years period, the study shows that the levels of stress have constantly been on the rise. According to the health and safety experts, every year many people have experienced high levels of the place of work stress that is believed to be making them unwell. This comes regardless of the fact that our knowledge of negative impacts of stress on our bodies has become a lot more widespread.

Issues Women Face At Work

Research proves that employment for women has a positive effect on families. Regardless of this conclusion, many of us still meet some misperceptions and difficulties that influence our performance in our workplace. Some of these challenges that we face and some countermeasures include:

Another issue faced by many women is stress brought about by role conflict or having multiple roles. Research has recommended that choices of coping methods may be an aspect in dipping such stress. One coping resource that was found to lower stress is social support. Social support mechanisms are very helpful to many working women is the emotional support as well as tangible support. The tangible support is identified as offering some type of help for another person.

Extended working hours do create a family-work conflict which in most cases affects our working women. Therefore having schedules that will help us have a work-family balance will highly be useful for us.

The rigid work schedule we have to work under create for us more family troubles than working women under more flexible schedules. A lack of work flexibility can be overwhelming for us as we work at juggling work-home life, thus it can contribute to depression in women. These two concepts are interrelated.

It is suggested that men and women communicate differently and; thus, negotiate differently. For the successful women, we have to understand these gender differences when communicating yet be able to employ them to our benefit as well.

Since we occupy several roles making, it does make us more likely candidates for exhaustion because of the high demands made on our time.

The Pay Gap

In addition to the lower sense of happiness at work, a lot of females across the world are furthermore subject to the biased pay gap. This leaves most working women lagging behind on the pay-scale when put side by side to the male counterparts. The pay gap was projected at a rather high percentage throughout the world.

Putting In Place A Stress Management Method

In general, female workers do experience higher levels of fatigue, have a lower pay grade than the male employees and they perceive themselves to have a lower level of job security. This might go along way in explaining why the percentage of female workers who are suffering from work-related stress and anxiety is recorded to be a lot higher than among males. This, however, is an issue that our employers need to address in their various organizations.

In order to fight the visible gender divide thus help us reduce female anxiety levels at their place of work, employers need to enable employees to pace their work as well. Employers should also promote flexible working hours for all their employees. Having such opportunities we will be promoting and building a happier working atmosphere as well. The employers will also be making it possible for us to have social lives that help our mental wellbeing.

Bearing in mind that stress is one of the major causes of the place of work sick offs, it’s important that employers consider this problem seriously. We could look at ways of implementing effective workplace systems of stress management for our employees.

Sickness absences are costly both when considered from the point of mental wellbeing for people, and also form the actual monetary costs point of view for employers. Another thing that our employers can also look into is making sure that gender inequality is done away with which could be a step closer finding a lasting solution to this issue.

In Summary

Recent research has shown that the excessive stress levels among the female workers are 1.5-times more prone than in men. Even with a decrease in physical injuries and fatalities in most workers over the last 5 years period, the study shows that the levels of stress have constantly been on the rise.

In general, our female workers do experience higher levels of fatigue, have a lower pay grade than the male employees. Since stress is a major factor in sickness absence, it’s important that we consider this problem seriously. We could also look at ways of applying effective workplace systems for stress management.

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